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Lele Pons tumblr erotic ShareI love the fact that the author Harry Binghams character is in the same wave of these flawed female detectives who dont need to be sex symbols such as bipolar superspy Carrie Mathison in Homeland and the relentless DI Sarah Lund in The Killing.Mind you at first it was a relief not to be in period costume like for The Bletchley Circle and Peaky Blinders. Griffiths is supposed to be geeky and I thought Yes lets make her look rubbish but by the end I was desperate to wear red lipstick Cotards syndrome Her character suffers from the condition that creates a delusional belief that the patient is figuratively or literally dead does not exist are putrefying or have lost their blood or internal organsPressure Fiona finds it difficult to be taken seriously as the youngest detective in her police departmentIn Talking To The Dead Griffiths who was abandoned as a child was brought up by a benevolent Welsh crime boss and his wife. As a teenager she suffered badly from Cotards syndrome but went into remission before joining the police force.However when a prostitute and her young daughter are found brutally murdered on her first day with Cardiffs Major Crime Unit Griffiths is desperate to get involved. But as she delves deeper her obsession with the crime increasingly draws out her own personal and professional demons with the Cotards returning leading her to question whether she really is as cured of her condition as she previously thought.I remember fi

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